The Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor review is of a 12-week weight loss program that has been created especially with women in mind. A program that actually assists in rebalancing the hormones in a woman’s body that are responsible for both appetite and overall weight gain. The creator of this spectacular system, John Barban, through extensive research, found that the biggest problem that women have when it comes to losing weight and staying fit was the level of Leptin in their bodies, which is highly instrumental in burning fat.

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How does it Work?

John discovered that as women age and also give birth, their bodies go through hormonal changes, one of which is an increased resistance to Leptin. He further discovered that women have a greater level of Leptin in their bodies compared to men. However, his continued studies revealed that when women diet the levels of Leptin in their bodies drop rapidly, which ultimately minimizes the amount of weight they can actually lose. Therefore, he set out to develop and create a weight loss system specifically for women that would maintain high levels of Leptin, increase metabolism, and effectively burn fat resulting in the creation of The Venus Factor system.

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The Five Basic Components of The Program

1. The Fat-loss Diet Guide – A very informative fat-loss diet guide that provides all the insight needed on foods that should be avoided, especially those that restrict Leptin levels in the body as well as those foods that actually increase Leptin levels. The guide also informs users that it is ok to eat your favorite foods, as long as they are consumed in moderate portions and at appropriate times during the day. It further provides an insight to a wide variety of foods and the effects they can have on individual weight loss goals.

2. The 12-week Workout Program – This high energy exercise program can be performed either in the comfort of the home or in a gym. The targeted exercises actually serve to reshape a woman’s body in just three months or less, affording them that highly desirable hour glass shape. The exercises are consistent, very easy to follow and perform, and produce very satisfactory results.

3. The Virtual Nutritionist App – This innovative app is designed to assist users with calorie counting and protein levels in individual foods and overall diets. The app is also a tremendous aid in making dietary adjustments when creating the perfect portions of favorite meals.

4. The Venus Index Podcast – This remarkable podcast is proven to be a beneficial tool for all dieters. It allows users to interact with other women who share the same challenges they have as well as interact with women who have successfully utilized the program. More times than not this useful tool plays a significant role in the success levels of individual weight loss goals.

5. The Venus Community – The community is comprised of hundreds of other women who are available to chat online at any time of day. It allows users to voice concerns, ask questions, and even share in inspirational stories that can be helpful in keeping women on track with their own personal goals. As we all know, dieting in itself is a very difficult undertaking, but when a community exists with its primary purpose being to act as a support mechanism for other participants, then indeed users can understand and appreciate the value of this remarkably community.

The Venus Factor
The Pros

  • The Venus Factor diet is focused on the entire woman’s body inside and out, not just on dieting or weight loss desires, and is primarily focused on developing a means of upgrading current eating and exercising habits which result in a happier and healthier woman.
  • It is reassuring to potential users that the program was researched and created by a highly recognized member of the health and fitness community whose focus was on understanding the female body, and whose ultimate goal was to develop a program that would be beneficial to women of all sizes and ages in attaining their fitness and weight loss goals.
  • The overall nutrition sector of the program allows individual users to continue to consume their favorite foods by affording cheat days which, in the long run, ironically contribute to the success of the long-term program.
  • The entire program and all of its components are virtual and easily accessible online from any location with an internet connection.

The Cons

  • It is important to mention that the program is not tailored to women who are seeking to lose just a mere few pounds quickly, but rather is a long-term program developed to create a  long lasting fit and healthier body.


With so many diet and exercise programs available on the market today, it can sometimes be challenging and indeed very difficult to find and choose the program that is best suited to your own personal needs. However, the Venus Factor diet is by far one of the most perfected weight loss systems designed and developed for just women alone.

With a focus on maintaining overall health while working toward weight loss goals, it is clear that John has diligently performed abundant research in his efforts to develop this truly innovative diet system, and indeed all his efforts have benefited many a woman across the globe today. Take a few moments to view the Venus Factor online video presentation for the devoted woman who is looking to create that ‘brand new me’.

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